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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is a a junket?

A: A junket is a gambling trip (usually on a chartered flight), set up by a casino, that makes it very convenient to travel via a direct flight to a great gaming destination. Purchased packages on our charter flights include airfare, hotel accommodations, and ground transfers.  Flights are on large jets (120 seats or more).

Q: Why should you call Byrdman Casino Trips, LLC vs the property direct?

A: While they have good intentions,  the casino services departments deal with hundreds of thousands of patrons and cannot deliver the same level of personal customer service.  Call us and a person will answer.  No more waiting on hold, pressing buttons, listening to beeps and dealing with automated phone systems. Tell us your requests, we will deal with the casino and call you back with confirmation. You will never feel as if you’re being treated like a number instead of an individual.    We have a combined 50 years of casino experience. You will not have to try to contact a different host at every property.  Hosts are constantly jumping to new locations. We get to know your requests (one or two beds, smoking or non-smoking rooms, etc.)  We worked at the casinos and have the in-house contacts. This is our full time profession.  

In addition, your play from trips you book through us will be used to qualify you for all your future casino trips:  including Atlantic City, Mississippi, New Orleans and Nevada and Cherokee in North Carolina.

Again if you receive offers directly from the casinos, want to drive or fly on your own, and need reservations on dates other than on our junket trip dates, please call us to book your rooms.  Please do NOT call the casinos directly.

Q: Can I drive or fly without joining your group? 

A: No problem!  Individual trips (called “splinters") are also available if you are not able to travel on the dates of the charter trips or prefer to travel via your own itinerary. 

Q: How do I get a discount?

A: Discounts and freebies are based on your level of play and the amount of time you play. Gamblers are provided free “players’cards”.  Use the card whenever playing and if you qualify the casino will reward you with discounts or freebies (comps).  You earn points that may be used for room, food, and beverage comps. You may also qualify for reduced rates or free trips on future junkets and invitations to exciting special events.  It is important that you “play where you stay”.  We suggest that you do not play at other casinos because you will not earn the points needed for comps on our trips.

Q: How do I use the players card? 

A: If playing slots, simply insert the card in the machine and leave it in the entire time you play, making sure the reader displays “accepted” or your name.  If playing tables show the card to the floorperson, pit boss, or dealer when you begin playing and whenever you change seats. This is called “getting rated.”  The rewards you receive are based on your level of rated play.  The higher your average bet per hand at the tables or handle pull at the slot machine and the longer you play, the more discounts and/or freebies you “qualify” for from the casino. If you play two machines, use two cards—you’ll earn twice the rewards.  If you lose it or need additional cards, stop by the card center in the casino and they will issue them free of charge.  Make sure the new card has the same account number as your old card. The longer and stronger you play… the more discounts and/or freebies you earn. Remember: The key to getting the most for your money out of any visit to a casino  is the use of a player’s card to get rated every minute that you gamble.

Q: Am I required to gamble or get rated?

A: No, but these trips are for gamblers who use the player’s card.  So if you do not enjoy playing the slots and/or tables in the casinos or are unwilling to use the players card to get rated, honestly these trips are not for you. 

Q: What size are the jets? 

A: These trips use full size jets (120 or more seats). 

Q: Is there an age requirement?

A: You must be 21 or older to participate. 

Q: How long are the trips?

A: Our junkets are usually two or three night(s) trips.

Q: What is the cost for a junket? 

A: This varies based on which casino you choose and also on what days of the week.  Rates for some trips, including airfare and hotel, start at $249.  “Qualified” players fly free.  Some players receive discounted rates.  Please call the office at 1-800-442-PLAY (7529)  for more details on pricing , discounts and free trips !

Q: What are some of the destinations of the charter flights?

A: Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS, and Harrah’s Casinos in: Atlantic City, New Jersey, Tunica, Mississippi, and Laughlin, Nevada.

Q: What if you receive a “free room” offer or special event directly from the casino?

A: Please call us not the property directly.  We will provide superior customer service and will honor any offers that you receive directly from the casinos.  

Q: What if I prefer to drive or fly commercial?
A: Again, please call us to set up your reservations. We will be happy to book your stay at:
  • Beau Rivage in Biloxi
  • Harrah’s Atlantic City
  • Harrah’s Cherokee in North Carolina
  • Horseshoe and Roadhouse Hotel & Casinos - Tunica, MS
  • Caesar’s Entertainment Las Vegas properties: Harrah’s, Rio, Bally’s, Flamingo, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Caesars, and Imperial Palace.
  • Harrah’s New Orleans
  • Harrah’s and Harvey’s in Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • Harrah’s in Laughlin, Nevada.
  • Grand Casino Biloxi